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The test allows you to accurately determine whether you are using sixth sense clues or prefer logic and discover conclusions. At the end of the article, you will learn how to enhance your sixth sense.

Listen to the quiet voice of intuition and its clues. Please note: do not hide the opportunity for yourself only a small population of Homo sapiens. As a rule, in their ranks there are creative or very successful individuals, and self-confident people.

Intuition test – 25 basic marker questions

For a positive conclusion, add one point. Negative answers are not scored.

1. Do you believe in predetermination of fate?

2. When watching movies, do you sometimes guess how the plot will be?

3. Have you ever had a desire to get to know a person who met briefly?

4. Do you often guess the answers in games, like which hand is the coin in?

5. Have you heard the prompts of inner voices sounding in your head?

6. Have you played or argued for money several times in a row, and remained in profit?

7. Have you ever guessed who is calling before it appeared on the display?

8. Is love at first sight possible?

9. Do you hear intuition signals related to the five sensitivities?

10. Have you ever known in advance what will happen to the interlocutor or to find a boss?

11. Do you consider yourself lucky in gambling?

12. Do your dreams come true from time to time, including those that promise trouble?

13. Do you classify yourself as a fatalist?

14. Have you ever ended a phrase for an interlocutor in such a way that he deliberately nodded?

15. Have you ever had the feeling that a thing or object must be bought?

16. Do you solve puzzles, crosswords or puzzles with emphasis?

17. Did you cancel your trip because you were afraid to get into aviation?

18. Did you wake up in the middle of the night from the anxiety of loved ones and relatives?

19. When meeting, is it possible to immediately recognize the nature of the counterpart?

20. Do you preach happiness from the fact that the father’s house is reliable, cozy and safe?

21. Have you felt an antipathy towards a person that is not discernable for good reason?

22. Do you distrust some acquaintances or colleagues for no reason?

23. Did you predict the content of messages without opening the letter?

24. Do you know the feeling of security that you have already been in the corresponding situation or in the place of discovery, but you cannot remember a moment from the past?

25. Have you ever remembered acquaintances, you haven’t communicated with the species for a long time, and after French time you meet him or receive an e-mail?

The result of the test for intuition and a link to its development

From 0 to 8 points. 

You practically do not contain intuition. Possible reasons:

complete dominance of the left hemisphere of the brain (responsible for logical thinking), although it is extremely rare;the influence of parents who wanted to raise their child as a thinking individual.

The good news is that the right hemisphere has not yet been amputated, so the sixth sense, driven into a “blind corner”, remains. Let the sound of the voice “speak” and hear the intuition of light gaming applications – they take from a few minutes to a month a day.

From 9 to 11 points

A very decent result for our, repaired logician, time is the development of intuition at an average level. You can easily join the ranks of lucky people if you become more guided (in your personal life and career) by the prompts of the sixth sense. Practice on minor decisions and remember:

  • the first thought, as a rule, is a hint of the subconscious;
  • the appearance of an unpleasant sensation is a signal of a desire for action, postponing them for a while or changing tactics.

Don’t know how to start exercising in this situation? Take time out to relax and solve the problem. Switch to your favorite activity – it can be anything, for example, draw, arrange a dance workout, musical relaxation or a walk in the park, do needlework … The main thing is to have fun! In a couple of hours or in the morning, you will definitely get a way out of a difficult situation and feel its legitimacy.

From 12 to 25 points. 

An indicator of well-developed intuition! The higher the score, the more often (consciously or unconsciously) subconscious prompts are used. The ability to listen to the inner voice is a guarantee of creative ideas, plus innovative ideas, and with the highest cost to the goals set. 

It is often said about lucky people like you: “Born with a silver spoon in your mouth” – there is luck with minimal cases observed for certain purposes. However, such an interpretation is erroneous – the point is a well-developed flair.

Important: the test for the sixth sense shows how effectively they react with the right hemisphere of the brain and perceive the sensations of intuition. We are talking about the ability to listen to 5 repeating analyzers of the world around us:

  • impact;
  • tactile;
  • olfactory;
  • taste;
  • audiol.


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