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Intuition training, or work with the right hemisphere

7 effective exercises on the “muscles” of the right hemisphere of the brain will help develop the sixth sense. Moreover, intuition training at work or in public places will remain invisible to others, and household members will be pleased with an interesting common game.

The benefit is obvious: restoring contact with the right hemisphere of the brain activates the inner voice, skills will appear instantly to make optimal decisions and recognize the motives for actions and actions of people, plus not get into difficult situations. In addition, the ability to generate creative ideas in any situation develops – from complex tasks (at work and at home) to intuitive choice of proper nutrition, shopping, places for vacation relaxation …

Advice. Do not force the training of intuition – do each of the 7 exercises for the development of the sixth sense (sense) for several days in a row or better – a week. In two months you will feel real progress.

Exercise for the development of intuition “Change hands”

Do small and light work with your left hand:

brush your teeth, put coffee on, spread butter on a sandwich, fasten your clothes;

in public transport, transfer money for travel, validate coupons;

open and close doors, dial the subscriber’s number;

at a boring weekly meeting, draw, draw, try to write letters and words …

Gradually complicate the task: learn to hatch simultaneously with your left and right hands, and then write.

Exercise for the development of intuition “The phone will help”

Start a new habit: do not rush to look at the gadget’s display when the bell rings. Give yourself a two or three second lead to guess who is on the line. For a week of sixth sense training, along with the percentage of correct answers, insight will definitely increase. Then raise the bar: guess who is calling and on what issue. Constantly change the task, for example, imagine what messages and from whom will come to your email and what correspondence you will find in the “physical” mailbox.

Exercise for the development of intuition “Entertain the family”

Play with your child for candy, and play with your wife for money. Suitable children’s fun “Which hand is a surprise”? Behind your back, hold the trophy in your palms, stretch your arms forward and invite the second participant to make a choice. Please note: everyone must try to guess where the prey is 10 times. When answering, give preference to the first thought that comes to mind. If you win or lose, be sure to remember your feelings – this will increase the number of wins.

Exercise “Guess the suit”

Shuffle the deck of cards (no jokers) and place them face down. Guess the suit of the top card and write it down. Check the guess: if it was confirmed, then put a plus. In the case when more than half of the answers are correct, you have a well-developed sixth sense. Repeat the exercise, listening to the inner voice. Practice and the result will definitely improve.

Exercise for the development of intuition “Weigh the decision”

Faced with a dilemma – two radically different solutions to the problem and not sure which one is right? The optimal answer will be prompted by “weight” – the right hemisphere of the brain will help determine it. “Sharpening” the sixth sense to receive effective hints allows exercises with an already known result. For example, the boss ordered us to go on a business trip, which was done.

The technical side of intuition training:

  1. sit comfortably, upright and relax;
  2. stretch your arms in front of you, bending at the elbows (not leaning on your knees) and turn your palms towards the ceiling;
  3. imagine that one is “travel on a business trip”, and the other is “preparing a report”;
  4. ask a question: “What order did the boss give me at the meeting?”;
  5. listen to the feelings.

The correct answer will be harder, that is, more pressure on the palm. Train each time with a new question, but a well-known result, and only then begin to use this method in solving problems with an undefined intention.

Exercise for the development of intuition “Focus on feelings”

You are offered: a new job; participate in a prestigious event; make a bargain… In a word, the proposition is tempting, but it is difficult to determine whether it is worth getting involved… A technique that can be easily polished on unimportant deeds, for example, an invitation to go to a cafe to have a tasty snack, go shopping, go on a picnic or fishing…

Sit comfortably in an armchair, on a sofa or on the floor (necessarily in silence) and imagine in detail yourself at the place of the future event and your actions, and most importantly, imagine the sensations. What emotions do you experience: calmness or irritation, cheerfulness or fatigue, uncertainty or courage … The next day, carry out the planned trip and compare fictional and real feelings.This training of intuition is especially useful, because over time, such a practice will allow you to make the right choice.

Exercise for the development of intuition “5 basic senses”

The right hemisphere is fed with information by our senses – this is vision, hearing, smell, touch, taste … therefore, to train intuition, pump the channels of communication between receptors and the brain. Memories will help develop a sixth sense.

Relax, close your eyes and imagine any object, for example, a book, a cup, tires of your car … Recall the thing in the smallest nuances: appearance, texture when touched, sound when falling or turning pages, smell … Keep in mind the object for 5-7 minutes, adding small details.

P.S. Morning jogging and going to the gym have long been an integral part of life for most people. And the training of intuition, which, like the muscles of the body, must be constantly in good shape, has yet to become fashionable …


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