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Recently, such a phenomenon as “deep discussion” has become fashionable. Simply put, it all looks like an unexpectedly philosophical tête-à-tête late at night in the kitchen. But today they have been transformed into a whole communicative layer that helps people get to know each other much better.

We found 9 interesting questions that will make your interlocutor “deeply” think about something they probably never thought about. You need to answer not in one word, but as detailed as possible. In this case, there are no correct answers. But, as many like to say mysteriously, sometimes the right question is already the answer.

NB! You should not ask them to a person in whom you are very afraid of being disappointed.

Would you open an envelope with the date of your death written on it?

  1. According to the answer, one can understand: the degree of fatalism of a person, his attitude to life in general.
  2. Would you be friends with yourself?
  3. By the answer you can understand: self-esteem, good and bad sides of a person, his level of “interestingness”.
  4. If you could see a scale measuring something above each person’s head, what would it be? Rating of a person in society? The level of happiness? The remaining days of life? Something else?
  5. By the answer you can understand: the values ​​and priorities of a person.
  6. What in this life do you do differently than other people?
  7. By the answer, you can understand: the level of self-esteem, sense of humor or even insanity, the degree of uniqueness of the individual.
  8. If your partner never finds out about your unintentional infidelity, would you talk about it?

The question is an indicator of morality and the degree of attitude towards other people.

  1. Do you have the feeling that today has already been repeated hundreds of times before?
  2. According to the answer, one can understand: a person lives or simply exists, whether he feels himself complete.
  3. If only women and only men are settled on two different planets, what fate awaits each of the planets?
  4. According to the answer, you can understand: is a person subject to stereotypes + the nature of his logical thinking.
  5. Is going to crime to feed your hungry child bad or just necessary?
  6. Again, the question is an indicator of morality and the degree of attitude towards the family.
  7. If happiness were the main currency, what would you be?
  8. By the answer you can understand: the true dreams and hopes of a person, what he lacks in life.

There are many similar questions and dilemmas. They can be used in any way: as entertainment at a party in a company, as a way to get to know or get closer, to see the universe inside a person, or, as in the opposite direction, to be forever disappointed in him.


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