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If you don’t look well after a sleepless night, these tricks will quickly bring you back to your human form.

Universal life hacks

1/ This tool is known to everyone, but it does not lose its relevance. With the help of hot and cold water, you will regain your vigor, and your skin – a healthy pink color. Do not abuse hot water, it will be difficult to mask burns.

2/ And if you can’t take a shower or bath, you can wash your hands in warm and cold water. This effect will also be provided.

3/ Fresh look and red eyes are not compatible. Buy special drops to reduce redness, make your eyes sparkle and you will feel good.

4/ Tea bags are used as a home remedy for dark spots under the eyes. Pour boiling water (several times), cool and apply to the eyes for 10-15 minutes.

To combat bags under the eyes, you can use spoons. Leave in the freezer for 10 minutes, and then press to problem areas.

5/ Scrub. It will remove dead skin cells, give the face a healthy look. You can use one of your lady’s tubes or pour boiling water over a tablespoon of oatmeal and let it sit for 10 minutes. Then massage your face with this porridge. But an oatmeal scrub isn’t so scary as to be damaging to your masculinity.

6/ Don’t forget to apply the cream on your face. The best option is a moisturizer, but in general, after a sleepless night, any cream designed for the upper body will do. It won’t get worse.

7/. Smear your face with an ice cube. The blood flow to the skin will provide cold, and it will also look fresher.

8/ Whiten your teeth. An activated charcoal tablet will help you lose weight at home. After that, place it on the brush and brush your teeth thoroughly. Remove black particles from the charcoal, and then brush your teeth with regular toothpaste.

9/ Don’t forget about fresh breath. If not so long ago you went over with alcohol, you should get rid of the smell of fumes. Eat protein-rich foods, chew coffee beans.

Life hacks for men

1. Comb your hair. These three weeks of stubble are a stylish accessory, and a one-day unshaven testifies to a sleepless night and untidy wearer.
First of all, before shaving, you should take a shower to soften the skin.

2. Even if you are a straight razor lover, you should not take it with shaky hands after a sleepless night. Make a regular machine.

3. Don’t shave and style your hair to look like a slight wrinkle is part of your style. You will need hands, gel or modeling clay and three seconds. Hands must be lubricated with a product and disheveled hair. A neat “hair to hair” hairstyle is not worth doing: against its background, all signs of staleness will become obvious.

4. Pinch your cheeks 5 times. A stream of blood will flow onto your skin to give you a healthy glow, as if you had recently returned from an active run in the park or after an alcohol party.

5. For 15 minutes, you can smear dry lips with honey or hygienic lipstick to moisturize the skin. Then, after a quarter of an hour, do not wash off the lipstick.

Life hacks for women

1/ If there is no time to wash your hair, wrap a turban from a scarf or scarf.

2/ If you do not have time to wash your hair, you can quickly use a shawl or scarf as decoration. This detail will become a beautiful part of your image!

3/ If you have short hair – use dry shampoo. If you have long or thick hair, wash it – it will be faster than using shampoo.

4. Use a highlighter to even out the skin and restore the natural beauty of the face.

5. The appearance of the manicure can be restored with glitter varnish. Apply it over the varnish, and the sparkles will hide all the nuances.

6. Paint your lips with a bright lipstick that will draw attention away from everything else. Lips are always beautiful, attractive and look good even after parties, birthdays and bachelorette parties.

7. Use a blush of a natural color, this will help restore freshness to the face. Do not use contouring, which can add new unsightly spots to the skin.

8. Get rid of the arrows. It is difficult to draw a straight line with tired hands. But you can bring the inner eyelid with a white pencil, thereby adding freshness to the look.

9. Replace black mascara with blue, it will make the whites of the eyes brighter and neutralize redness.

What express beauty secrets do you know? Share in the comments!


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