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With a little practice, you’ll be able to type words almost as fast as they pop into your head.

1. Provide motivation

Mastering any new skill is impossible without good motivation. Whenever your hands give up, think that by learning to type without looking, you will be able to do your job faster and become less tired.
Touch typing can help improve posture by eliminating the need to constantly lean over the keyboard. It will also make it easier to express thoughts and not be distracted by searching for the right keys and coordinating fingers.

2. Watch your hands

Слепая печать: следите за руками

Reaching all the keys with your fingers is very difficult. Therefore, when touch typing, the starting position is used when the fingers of the left hand rest on the keys








, and the fingers of the right








. For an error-free touch on the buttons




even there are special tubercles. From this position we start typing and always return to it.
During typing, the hands are motionless, only fingers flutter over the keys. At the same time, each hand is responsible for its own part of the keyboard – it is impossible to violate the territory. However, with the correct setting of the hands, this is difficult to do. Stretch your right index finger to the key


it’s just pointless, it’s much easier to get it with the left.

3. Examine the finger zones

The cornerstone of touch typing is to press keys with only the right fingers. The essence of the method is to train muscle memory and bring the input process to automatism. Like riding a bike or playing a musical instrument.

Each finger is responsible for its rows of keys. The index fingers have two, the middle and nameless ones have one each. Most of all goes to the little fingers, especially the right one. The only consolation is that rarely used symbols are located there.

To remember, carefully study the diagram and try to press the keys with the fingers that are responsible for this. It is advisable to print the picture and hang it in front of you.


4. Stop looking at the keyboard

In no case should you peek when printing, but at first you will instinctively do this. To wean yourself from such a habit, look at the monitor screen: most simulators have a picture of a keyboard with a diagram of finger zones.

Слепая печать: перестаньте смотреть на клавиатуру

If you can’t fight the temptation, you can go to extreme measures. For example, seal signatures with masking tape or buy a keyboard with empty keys. Another effective method is to work for some time on a laptop without a Cyrillic layout.
Do what you want, just do not look at the keyboard while typing – otherwise the training will be significantly delayed.

5. Pick up a simulator

In fact, to consolidate the skill, it is enough to prohibit yourself from typing by pressing the keys with the wrong fingers. Even if from time to time to glance with one eye at the keyboard. This is one of the options that works.

Слепая печать: подберите тренажёр

However, things will go much faster if you use specialized simulators. Training begins with basic exercises and gradually becomes more complicated. Here are the most popular tools:

  • RapidTyping  is an advanced simulator for Windows with courses of varying difficulty, a lesson editor and detailed statistics.
  • KeyKey is a handy Mac utility with exercises where you need to type in plain text instead of meaningless combinations of letters.

6. Exercise Regularly

As with anything, consistency is the key to success. It will take a lot of practice to solidify muscle memory, and it is important that the sessions are regular.
Daily exercise for 15 minutes will bring more benefits than two hours of training once a week. In short sessions, it is easier to maintain concentration, and it is much easier to find time for them.
Practice whenever possible and not only with the help of simulators. Try to practice touch typing skills while communicating on social networks or when performing non-urgent work tasks.

7. Be patient

You can master touch typing in about a couple of weeks of regular training, further classes are needed only to increase the speed of typing. But in order to hold out all this time and not abandon training, considerable endurance will be required.

It will be very hard at first. The temptation to peek at the keyboard or use the usual way of typing will be very great. Most likely, you will want to quit everything on the first day. The most important thing is not to give up at this moment and keep practicing. Hold on for at least a few days: during this time, progress will appear and it will become easier.


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