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It happens that you stumble upon some site and do not have time to come to your senses, as a couple of hours have already passed. These sites are a godsend. They are original in form and entertaining in their content – real “diamonds” among dull and not original sources on the net.

We have found for you 11 such incredible services that you simply cannot pass by.

100.000 stars

This pilot site, built from data from NASA and ESA, is truly epic. Do not forget to turn on the sound and boldly go on a journey through the galaxy.

Express your musicality

Incredibox already consists of 4 versions of the program for musical improvisations. Using the provided tools, you can create your own unique track, and intuitive controls and endless variations are addictive and do not let you stop.

Play retro games

Here are collected old games that please the eye with their cute design and light musical accompaniment. A great way to relax and pass the time.

Find your doppelgänger

As children, many of us dreamed of a twin brother or sister. It turned out that finding your doppelganger is not so difficult. The Twin Strangers service offers an easy way – just register, upload your photo – and voila!

Sounds for relaxation

The site is distinguished by the ability to create your own “melody” and adjust the volume of one or another element yourself. The page opens 10 sounds with “sliders” below them: it’s up to you to choose which sound or combination of them suits you for relaxing.

Print site

This site allows you to make the page you need to print more convenient by adjusting all the information and pictures to the desired format.

Letter to the future

With this service, you can write a letter to your future self and specify a specific date and time of sending. You can write about what you want to achieve by the time the letter is delivered, or, conversely, describe what is happening now, so that later you can look at it again and draw conclusions.

Calm Melody

Excellent sound and visual design of this site allows you to completely immerse yourself in a state of peace of mind and balance. Ideal for evening listening before going to bed after a busy day at work.


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